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Services Provided

  • Attend Quarterly Board Meetings.
  • Attend annual Association meeting, help prepare annual budget, facilitate the annual audit, and assist in reviewing the reserve account funding.
  • Accounting.
  • Administer an operation budget/account and pay bills for Association expenses such as utilities, landscape maintenance, general maintenance, housekeeping, and other services authorized by the board.
  • Advise the board on keeping within budget boundaries.
  • Provide to the board monthly financial statements, including details of expenditures and receipts (activity), as well as year-to-date and year-end reports.
  • Collect monthly dues, fines, special assessments or other fees in the name of the Association
  • Oversee/monitor and facilitate the collection of late dues for accounts in arrears and assist the board or attorney, as needed, with legal matters such as liens or foreclosures.
  • Provide documents and financial information to a licensed tax professional, as needed.
  • Provide monthly mailing of newsletters, notices and minutes, as provided by the board.
  • Provide yearly mailing of election packages (envelopes, proxy forms, and assembly mailings).
  • Oversee and facilitate bids for Association operations such as landscaping, road maintenance, needed repairs, etc.
  • Assist theĀ Board in interpreting By-laws, CC&R’s, architectural review, insurance policies etc.
  • Assist the board with updating a set of rules and regulations, as needed.
  • Help enforce rule violations through warnings, fines, communications etc.
  • Periodic site inspection twice per month.
  • Handle all communication with homeowners.
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service to the on-call Property Manager for owner and Board use in reporting emergency problems.
  • Maintenance services to be provided by a licensed, bonded and insured service provider. A selected professional company could perform reserve.

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